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Julien Gedet professional coach

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Racing driver, professional coach, driver trainer and coach for over 20 years. Julien Gedet shares and transmits with passion the optimisation of performance on the track.

A DEJEPS Le Mans degree, Julien trains both pros (in various high-level championships) and amateurs. He places his expertise at the service of your passion.

Experienced coach, trained in innovative techniques at the Institute of Applied Neurosciences of Paris and practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Julien offers each of his clients personalised experience.

After having crossed the globe for high level competitions, Julien founded “l’Atelier de la Performance” in Bordeaux. A Complete preparation center: technical (driving simulator), physical and mental.

Coching situation

He has also created a circuit driving school where he offers lessons adapted to everyone. Very different from the market offers !

In addition, as a professional coach Julien uses piloting as a tailor-made coaching tool for companies. (management, leadership, interpersonal communication, operational efficiency, management, and resistance to stress)